James Augustus Hall


My name is James and I am a Front End Engineer for the World Wide Web.

Codepen Fun

See the Pen eljamez, a css typeface by James Hall (@eljamez) on CodePen.

See the Pen Bubbles' by James Hall (@eljamez) on CodePen.

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Recent Work

Past Clients

Nike, Pepsi Co., Samsung, Kettle Chips, HBO, HP, The Shins, Beth Ditto, Vagrant Records, The Woodlands, Tanner Goods, Rahzel, Travelocity Business, Metro, The Sudra, PDC, Basic Rights Oregon, Oregon Sports Authority, BossaNova Acai Juice, Holiday Retirement, Widmer Brewing


HTML, CSS / SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Mocha, React, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Yeoman, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Yarn, Webkit, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Git, Vagrant, Roots (Sage, Bedrock, Trellis), Shopify, WordPress, CraftCMS, Expression Engine, Photoshop